New Firmware Version .37

Given the hectic situation affecting most of our country during this Holiday Season, we wanted to take this opportunity to update our customers on our efforts to continually improve our devices. Safe Space Scan Technology has finished our latest version of Firmware stepping up our game to achieve more accurate temperature readings with our 3S-07T, 3S-07TW and 3S-07TM devices. 

Working with Safe Space Engineers along with the manufacturers of our infrared and thermal cameras, we have been able to enhance the features and capabilities of your current devices by simply upgrading to our new Firmware .37. 

We are always working to improve our technology by listening to feedback from our valued customers. The new version of our Firmware will make the screening process quicker, make it easier to identify who may have an elevated temperature and work more accurately in different kinds of ambient environments. 

New System settings make the individual stand in a more precise position making the process quicker and lessening the effects of ambient room temperature. 

Even though we have made numerous upgrades to the new Firmware please keep using best practices such as not wearing masks too high, removing large glasses, head gear that covers your forehead and always have a backup clinical temperature measurement device to confirm accuracy.  

We suggest upgrading to the new Firmware to enhance the capabilities of your existing devices.  

The Safe Space Team wishes you, your family and friends a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season and feel free to contact us at 888 819-SCAN or email us at CustomerSupport@SafeSpaceScan.com with any questions you may have. 

Please e-mail customersupport@safespacescan.com to receive the instructions on how to download the new Firmware .37.